The donkey with a personality


Pumpkin was first time sick, since we have known her, after eating too many carrots. That was our big mistake not only because of a sugar they contain but because of what they can cause: Colic (an abdominal pain). To be honest with all of you, we did not know it at that time and, in fact, we knew practically nothing about donkeys.

Her another problem later on, linked to conditions of her hooves (laminitis/founder) and returning time to time back, was infection in one of her front hooves: Abscess (an accumulation of pus, causing intense pain). Pumpkin was laying down on the ground in pain, she couldn't get up and after each try she just collapsed. Weather was bad, cold December 2001, and no shelter...

After about ten days the owner finally called her veterinarian. At that time abscess already reached Pumpkin's knee and there was a necessity to drain the pus out using a tube... She waited so long because she did not have a money to pay for veterinarian's visit. So, it was on me and I gladly agreed to pay for the whole treatment.

It was my Christmas gift for our beloved Pumpkin. The best one she could possibly get: the treatment she badly needed! It took Pumpkin about three months to fully recover from her abscess in a stall of former equine (now small animals) hospital where her owner worked as a technician.

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