The donkey with a personality


Our weekday visits start just before 4 o'clock afternoon with an hour or so exercise which is simply a walk around the ranch to make new friends, to see the old ones, to discover hidden places, to find something tasty and to have a good dirt roll.

Pumpkin likes her walks so much that she takes a halter from my hands with her teeth and shakes it like a dog! She is the leader on her walks, with me slowly following her...No rope, no worries, no problem -- just absolute freedom and mutual trust, especially when we go outside of the ranch and leave a fence behind (vezmem lásku na procházku bez provázku - pro Ty, kteří znají češtinu)...

Our weekend visits and walks are much longer. We spend the whole afternoon on the ranch. After walk comes diner. Grass hay is on the menu every day, and always appreciated.

When each day ends, it's time for sweet dreams, maybe full of tasty carrots and apples, she loved so much and may not have any more because of sugar causing inflammation of her hooves... Who knows? Only Pumpkin does, and she likes to keep her secrets.

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