The donkey with a personality


This website is a story about a donkey called Pumpkin who has found so much needed love and care. The real story that sounds like a fairy tale:

"Once upon a time there was a neglected donkey Pumpkin, living on a grassy place all year round with only occasional hay, no regular hoof care and no shelter. All of this and a discovery of her insulin resistance condition, has resulted for Pumpkin in painful laminitis (inflammation of the hooves caused by sugar from grass containing fructans, polymers of sugar fructose), founder (rotation of coffin bone caused by separation of coffin bone and hoof wall because of inflamed laminae) and later in arthritic fetlock joints. Equine insulin resistance is considered #1 cause of laminitis.

Even after several years of trying to do the best to help our Pumpkin, her hooves were still faraway from being classified at least good, and later became even worse, accompanied with sore fetlock joints.

There have always been a hope that despite all Pumpkin's serious health problems - founder, laminitis, uveitis, arthritis and insulin resistance - a positive change in her conditions could have happened with devoted care and treatment, so she will live happily ever after."

In the real world everything is different and not so sweet like in a fairy tale; there was nobody who had ever been really interested in Pumpkin, except my mom and me. She was a freebie. Four legs somewhere in a backyard nobody cared for. Everybody just wanted those horses she came with but not her. And she was treated according to that: horses had hay and a shelter, Pumpkin grass and a tree to stay under in any kind of weather...

I believe everyone is born with a fate that cannot be changed, and Pumpkin was not exception. Well too much pain for one sweet donkey... At least I was able to help her little bit with her problems, and tell the whole world about this wonderful creature with a true personality that I love and miss so much...

After Pumpkin died, people were asking me why I don't want another donkey when I like them so much. There is a couple of reasons for my decision: I am too old for another one because they can live very long (more on Legacy page) and there is no another donkey with a personality like Pumpkin's was (listen to her recorded bray and you will understand me).

I hope you are going to agree with me that there is no another website on the whole Internet, created with a genuine love for an animal, like this one.

Thanks for visiting, enjoy the story and God Bless You!


If you want a ride -- get a horse

If you want a trouble -- get a monkey

If you want a lifetime friend -- get a donkey

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