The donkey with a personality


SPECIES: Donkey, burro, Equus Assinus
SEX: Female
COLOR: Gray with small black spots and white muzzle
EYES: Dark brown
EARS: Long (about 10")
HEIGHT: 12 hands (48"), Standard to Large Standard donkey
CALCULATED WEIGHT: {Girth²[57"]² x Length [53"] / 300} + 50 = 624 lbs.

HOOVES: Despite trimming them every 6 weeks, being neglected in the past (no regular foot care and unrestricted access to pasture), they developed laminitis. After evaluation of DICOM images (see one on the bottom of this page),
hoof angle has been changed to ease Pumpkin's walking by trimming her hooves more on the heels and keep her toes short.
DATE OF BIRTH: Unknown (1985, estimated by Dr. Brian Peck, DVM)

PERSONALITY: Wonderful, playful, smart, not too touchy, extremely sensitive, with a warm look and sometimes a human-like touch, depending on her mood... But to be able to see all this and much more, you have to spend a lot of time with her. She surely knows how to let you know what she wants, likes and dislikes, and what is on her mind. Just watch her for a while, play with her and you will understand. Nobody before me did...

HEALTH PROBLEMS (except those stated under HOOVES): Treatment for uveitis (inflammation of the right eye that resulted in moon blindness) in the beginning of January 2004 and 2005. Hoof crack (infection in the right front toe) treated on September 24th, 2007 by dr. Peck, DVM. Treatment of liver for Hepatitis "Cholestasis" (elevated GGT values in blood) with 10 dissolved tablets of Trimethoprim/Sulfa per day for 14 days (5 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon), starting on August 27th, 2010. A sarcoid (type of skin tumor, cancerous growth) on her left shoulder, just shortly before her death, treated with a scarlet oil dressing spray.

X-ray picture of Pumpkin's right forefoot

Coffin bone (P3), the bottommost bone in the equine leg encased by the hoof capsule, is normally parallel to hoof wall (red line). Pumpkin's tilted coffin bone is rotated from parallel position (white line). If the laminae all around the hoof are inflamed and weaken together, then the coffin bone can sink towards the bottom of the hoof and penetrate the sole.

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