I've owned Pumpkin since December 21st, 2002 when she was given to me. But, as I see it, it's more about a friendship, rather than about an ownership. You can own a thing but you can't really own Pumpkin with her very own mind. That's why she can enjoy so much freedom of what she wants, and that's the way I will always feel about her, and admire her enormous desire for life despite all the pain she has been through.

Pumpkin is currently at New Paradigm Ranch, LLC, in Gardnerville, NV, a wonderful place with wonderful people, where every God's creature must be happy and where they take a good care of all animals, including Pumpkin. Thank you very much for everything, Jeannette! Your ranch will always be a very special place for me. You know best why... My thanks also go to Carmen and Bruce for taking a good care of the whole ranch.

I think Pumpkin must be happy here, in her new shelter (see the panorama picture below; first stall on the left side from your view) because she didn't have anything like that when we met her for the first time. Her shelter used to be a place under a tree where she was standing the whole night in both good and bad weather... Hopefully, one day I shall have my own house with Pumpkin in my back yard... After all, she has always been considered a member of our family.

Pumpkin's latest location can be found on News page.